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Women's BJJ

We offer a women's only BJJ & Self-Defense class because we know how uncomfortable coed training can be in the beginning.  We believe that women need to understand and employ the fundamentals of BJJ more than anyone, so a safe space where you can learn with no pressure is what we have worked to provide.  

All of our women's classes are only open to biological females.  

Women's BJJ

Taught by our black belt instructor, this class is tailored to showing women how BJJ can help them escape the worst case scenarios.  From how to stand up, to using hip movement to off balance an attacker, to the most effective submissions to end an attack and get out, this class is always full of value.


Women's Self-Defense

This class is all about surviving.  We teach situational awareness concepts, grip breaking, effective striking, and evasion tactics.  This class is a safe place for women to empower one another, process trauma together, and take back their power.  Come see how rewarding this training can be!


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