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About Us

Why the Black Flag?

Originally appearing in the American Civil War, the black flag was flown by certain companies of the union army. The meaning of the black flag was exactly opposite of a white flag, which meant surrender and typically obligated the oposition to give quarter to surrendering troops. The black flag when flown into battle says to the enemy, “We will NEVER surrender, nor will we give quarter.” It’s a radical commitment to the fight and a way of battle lost to the modern civilized world.


We believe that we are constantly at war with our weakness and our negative ideas about ourselves. We pledge to do battle with those parts of ourselves that do not do us service. In that battle, no quarter shall be given and no surrender will be made.


We train to better ourselves. We train to heal ourselves. We train to defend ourselves and our loved ones. In these endeavors we adopt the same attitude. No quarter. No surrender.

Liquid Bubbles

Lineage Matters

At Black Flag BJJ we are very proud to be affiliates of Jean Jacques Machado.  As a JJM affiliate we are under the direct supervision and instruction of not only Master Jean Jacques Machado himself, but a network of high-level black belts that spans the globe.  When one of our instructors passes out a rank, it comes backed by a lineage that can be traced all the way to the source of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.  

Not only is our rank secured by the support of an indisputable lineage, but as members of the JJM association, each of our instructors is subject to background check. We take the safety of each of our students, their family, and our own school very seriously and believe that integrity, above all else, is what matters.  


Come see what it means to be a part of one of the most prestigious and celebrated lineages in martial arts.   

Our Story

The concept of Black Flag BJJ was originally born in the year 2020.  During a time of great adversity, the theme of the year seemed to be one of defeat.  Many of us experienced isolation, loss of income, loss of identity and loss of will to live.  We were all just surviving through a very strange time. It was in this moment that the thought of an academy emerging from the turmoil became something to hold on to.  It was just a concept, but that concept of not surrendering was the idea that began to build encouragement and hope where only isolation and despair existed a few short weeks before.  It was in that concept that the slogan, "No quarter, No Surrender", began to take on strong meaning.  

We have 

Meet The Team

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