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Our striking program has something for everyone.  Tailored to adults ages 14 and up, with everything from fundamental movements to sparring and street tactics, we can help you go from unexperienced to competent, or we can help you polish up your existing abilities.  Ask us how!

Cardio Kickboxing

This fun upbeat class is fast paced and full of music and laughs.  A 45 minute burn that is sure to have you smiling with a "hurts so good" dump of edorphins after each session.  Ask us for info about our Cardio Kickboxing membership if getting in shape in a fun way is what you are after.  


Striking Fundamentals

This basic level class teaches the fundamentals of all things striking.  From the difference between a jab and a cross to how to throw a perfect hook to the mechanics of a switch kick, we will walk you through all this and more.  


Street Tactics

From standing joint locks to how to block a punch, in this class we show you how to not just survive an attack on the street but how to inflict the maximum amount of damage to finish it quick and get home safe.  We will show you how you can safely take a fight to the ground, stay on top, and stay situationally aware in case of multiple assailants.  While no one can guarantee the outcome of a street fight, we want to give you all the tools necessary to be confident in these uncertain scenarios.  


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